University Park Subdivision assessments cover the costs of maintenance and upkeep of streets, sidewalks, and common-grounds.  The Indenture that binds University Park Subdivision allows for an annual assessment to be levied on all properties in the Subdivision.  This annual assessment is necessary to cover the costs associated with the maintenance and upkeep of the streets, sidewalks, curbing, trees that border the streets, and common-grounds.

A regular assessment is levied annually by the Board of Trustees.  The amount of the regular assessment is set by the Indenture at $.50 per front footage of the property.  The Board of Trustees also has the option to charge a special assessment each year.  The current special assessment is $8.75 per front foot.

The annual assessments are mailed directly to the property owners in January, and are due by April 1.  As outlined in the Subdivision Indenture, interest on unpaid assessments is 8% annually.  University Park Subdivision has the authority to place a first lien against the property for any unpaid assessments. 

Assessment Payments may be paid online (see below) or mailed to:

University Park Subdivision

C/O DNI Properties-758

P.O. Box 105007

Atlanta, Georgia 30348-5007

314-576-0700  Ext. 407

Questions regarding billing may be directed to Kim Bufe at DNI Properties, 314-576-0700, ext 407.