How to contact your Trustees

Visit the FAQ link for Q & A about assessments, liens, building permits, yard waste, trees, streets, curbs and sidewalks. If you need more information, contact any trustee at the numbers listed below, or send written communication to the University Park Subdivision PO Box address.  For assessment questions, please contact the subdivision’s accounting service, DNI, as noted below.

To contact Trustee:

Phone numbers:

  • Benjamin Strohmeyer: 314-750-0847
  • Kathleen Watts: 314-721-7613
  • Brittany Rana: 314-329-8097

Subdivision mail address

University Park Subdivision
PO Box 300586
University City MO 63130

Assessment Questions:

DNI Properties, Inc.
Kim Bufe
576-0700 x407

Assessment Payments:

University Park Subdivision
DNI Properties, Inc.
Gardner Companies, Inc.
662 Office Parkway
St. Louis, MO 63141
Attn:  Kim Bufe