Street Sweeping

In 2014, University City began to include the subdivision in its summer street sweeping schedule.  This is in addition to the three annual leaf pickup dates, which occur in late Fall and early Spring.

University City organizes its summer street sweeping schedule according to different sides of the street.  Most of the subdivision’s streets run east-west, and for those streets, the south sides  are swept on Tuesday, and the north sides are swept on the following Thursday.  On the day before a scheduled street sweeping, the subdivision trustees will post “No Parking” signs on the subdivision’s sawhorses on Midland Blvd., showing the day and the side of the street which is scheduled for sweeping.  Similar signs will be posted at Amherst & Vanderbilt, and at the Princeton end of Purdue Avenue.

For 2019, the summer street sweeping schedule for University Park Subdivision includes the following dates:

Week of May 27 – May 31

Week of July 29 – August 2

Week of September 30 – October 4

University City also provides leaf collection in Fall (twice) and in Spring (once). Please check the back of the University City calendar for the dates for your area. The leaf collection schedule is also available online from the Public Works Department section of the University City web site. Please note: University Park Subdivision spans both the Central Area (west of Midland) and the East Area (east of Midland) in University City, and the leaf collection schedule varies, depending on whether your location is within the Central or East Areas. Leaf collection is scheduled for an entire week, Monday-Friday: be sure to rake your leaves into the street PRIOR to the first day of the scheduled pick up, because leaf collection can occur on any of those five days.