2003 Street Repair Rankings

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Street Repair Project – Initiated 2003

Blocks are ranked by condition I-V
(I being the worst condition; V being the best)


Princeton from Vassar to Midland (completed)
Cambridge from Vassar to Midland (completed)


Cornell from Purdue to Vanderbilt (completed)
Cornell from Pennsylvania to Midland (completed)
Amherst from Midland to Purdue (completed)


Amherst from Pennsylvania to Midland (completed)
Tulane from Pennsylvania to Midland (completed)
Stanford from Purdue to Vanderbilt (completed)
Amherst from Purdue to Vanderbilt (completed)
Dartmouth from Pennsylvania to Midland (completed)


Cambridge from Midland to Princeton
Colgate from Purdue to Vanderbilt
Princeton from Purdue to Vanderbilt (completed)
Princeton from Midland to Purdue
Colgate from Midland to Purdue
Cornell from Midland to Purdue (completed)


Stanford from Midland to Purdue
Stanford from Pennsylvania to Midland
Vassar from Delmar to Pennsylvania
Purdue from Delmar to Amherst
Vanderbilt from Delmar to Jackson