2015 Street Assessment Study

At the annual meeting in 2014, the trustees sought approval from residents for an engineering study of the structure and surfaces of the subdivision’s streets.  The residents approved the project, and the trustees engaged Horner & Shifrin to provide the study, which was completed in 2015.  Representatives from Horner & Shiftrin presented their results at the annual meeting in 2015.  At the meeting, the trustees and the residents agreed to assign priority for street surface repairs to the worst-ranked streets.

The study included a preliminary examination of the pavement subgrade.  Horner & Shiftrin engaged a geotechnical engineering company, Shannon & Wilson, for this purpose; their report, as well as the completed report from Horner & Shifrin, is linked to this page.

University Park – Street Assessment Report 2015-06-15
University Park – Geotechnical Report 2015-01-21

In 2016, the first of of several ‘failed’ segments of subdivision street was rebuilt and repaved, on the 7300 block of Stanford.  In 2018, a similar failed portion of 7000/7100 Cornell was rebuilt and repaved.  In 2019, the last two failed street segments will be rebuilt, on 7100 Cambridge and at the east end of 7000 Dartmouth.