Subdivision Meeting on June 21 2022 in Mooney Park at 7:00 PM

Attendees : Dennis Fuller, Jodi Latner, Brittney Rana, (Trustees: Katie Sprung, Kellie McCoy, Mike Fowlkes)

The meeting was Called to Order


Tree Maintenance

  • Ensuring that the yearly tree maintenance plan is developed.  Droege Tree Service will be a participant in the plan.  Outside nurseries will be considered for sapling planting and monitoring

Street Signage

  • The City of University City will be contacted regarding the placement of a “Dead End” sign at Purdue and Princeton

Planning Street Paving

Service Issues

  • Residents are encouraged to create their own service tickets for trees, sidewalks, etc
  • The link for ticket creation can be found at:

  • A service ticket can be created by sending an email from:

Old Business

Assistance from the City of University

  • The City of University City is not prepared to provide financial assistance to the subdivision.  However, piggy-backing on city projects or a rebate of some portion of tax funds may be a subdivision option going forward.  The city has not provided a timeline for determining which option they would like to pursue.

New Business

Indenture updates are under consideration:

  • Reducing the 2/3 lot owner requirement for subdivision wide voting on issues

The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 PM


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